KAGINIC, Damansara Heights

Warm, earthy tones come together with high quality materials and art pieces to complete this minimalist corporate office for Kaginic Corporation. As its newest corporate space, this esteemed private investment company took the opportunity to imbue fresh branding elements during the redesign.
Sophistication and style best depict this interior; it is grandeur without being overwhelming, with a high attention to detail and intentionality that exudes quality and trustworthiness. The space's elongated shape is carved into two sections to create a workspace and a meeting/reception lounge area. Pivoting doors at the conference room maintain an uninterrupted perspective line, even when transitioning from the waiting lounge to the CEO's room.
When prospective clients and guests first enter these premises, they are greeted by a pocket-glazed and enlarged façade that oozes visual openness and a sense of perspective. Immediately, the stunning Ottoman Grey marble reception backdrop becomes apparent, and this effect is further enhanced with a mirrored, stainless skirting and ceiling light trough to establish spaciousness and connectivity.
The client's personal collection of art pieces star in this ensemble to draw one's attention; it is a focal point that conveys a sense of elegance and defines the space without distracting from the rest of the interior.