Baiyun University, Guangzhou

The University of Baiyun project site is located to the east of the sprawling port city of Guangzhou. It is built to cater for 15,000 students and the campus will be split into four zones: faculties and studies; dorms and teacher’s apartments; administration, library and student’s union; and sport facilities.
The design vision is focused on the central axis that separates the learning centre and the students' residences, which face north-to-south so as to maximize the intake of natural sunlight to facilitate vibrant activity and studying. The axis is also a vehicle route that connects the main entrance to the elevated roundabout with the sublevel amphitheatre plaza below it. A sundial monument is the focal point here.
The campus is encircled by a ring elevated from the ground level, forming the pedestrian walkway and bicycle path. The project site was envisioned to be an integrated, pedestrian-friendly, carbon-free environment with vehicle access restricted to the perimeter of the site.
The design team worked with the natural undulations throughout the campus – integrating steps into the landscape to emphasise the gradient of the site, creating a dynamic, open space for a range of activities. The curvilinear auditorium also plays an essential part in enhancing the sublevel plaza with its form. Situated at the end of the main axis and visible from the entrance, the Central Library is, in fact, the ultimate destination. 
Due to the location’s subtropical climate, most of the buildings are designed with an elevated ground floor to allow cross-air ventilation. The façade treatment for the students' and teachers’ accommodation uses sustainable materials such as fairface brick, bare concrete, metal frames, and wire mesh railings.